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What We Sell

The products that we sell are all products that we use. We are constantly testing new hardware, clothing for all four seasons, energy supplements and training aids. We can offer informed opinions on all these products. Our free service period goes well beyond the factory warranty. Since we must "live with" whatever we sell, we choose not to indulge in some lower price-point bikes. We are happy to service these bikes however, even if bought elsewhere.  

Service Guidelines

Each bike will have its own service requirements based on its usage, rider weight, weather exposure and riding intensity.  The following is only an approximate schedule based on average usage. 

CHAIN LUBE:  We recommend lubing the chain every 300 miles using a quality product (not WD-40). The lube should be directed only at the chain and not at the gear cluster or chain rings. All excess chain lube should be wiped off immediately and the chain should be dry wiped every 80 miles or so. Old socks with terry cloth insides work well for wiping. The rear derailleur jockey wheels should be lubed with a drop of oil every other chain lubing. If caught in a long downpour, the chain and jockey wheels should be lubed immediately upon returning home.  Over lubing and not wiping creates a big mess. 

TUNE-UP:  A tune-up consists of adjusting the brakes, derailleurs, hub, head and crank bearings, truing the wheels and cleaning and lubing the chain and cables.  We recommend this service every year or 1200 miles for pavement bikes, and more often as needed for off-road bikes. This service costs $60. 

OVERHAUL:  An overhaul is a much more thorough service and involves complete disassembly, replacement of bearings, cables, bar tape or grips, and often chain and gear cluster, with a tune-up for the finale. Costs range from $100 to $200 and should be done every 6 years or 5000 miles on average. 

Unless you're bringing the bike in for service in the winter, you should call ahead  and schedule a time for drop-off and pick up. Our spring and summer backlogs can get quite lengthy at times, and no one wants to be bike- less in spring!

The Bikes

The following are just some of the brands represented in our store...please ask us if you have questions about another manufacturer's bicycles:

Giant  (www.giant-bicycles.com)

FUJI (www.fujibikes.com)

SALSA (www.salsacycles.com)

SURLEY (www.surlybikes.com)

QBP (www.qbp.com)

MASI (www.masibikes.com)


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